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#1 dog looking for forever homes

Posted by on September 10, 2018 . 0 Comments.

I couldn’t help but notice at my visit to our local animal shelter that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or Staffy, as they’re more commonly known, dominate the numbers of the dogs looking to be adopted.


The Staffy is the second most common dog in Australia to the Labrador so statically, we are going to see more of these smiling dogs looking to be rehomed.


The tough, muscular exterior with the smooth coat might not appeal to you, maybe you’re a fluffy cuddly type of person, whichever way you choose your next pet, when looking to include a new member to your family it is important to look at the behaviour of the pet and how it fits into your life.


If you are looking to rehome a dog and have a place in your heart as well as in your home for a staffy please get in contact with your local animal rescue society.

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